Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Warnings and Welcomes

Just like my description (and title) says, I love to write.  This is where I'll be posting the majority of my work.  I'll also include links to other writing sites I use because it's nice to have everything in one central spot. On a few of the other sites I use the name Seliz, which is a name I used in a video game I used to play.  It's simply S for Sarah and Eliz for Elizabeth.  It's not that weird, I swear.

Just a warning that today I'm going to bombard this blog with posts. And I do mean bombard it.  The following posts will be writing prompts from previous weeks and possibly other work that I dig up.  After today if I post I'll try to limit it to once a day.  Note the word try ;)

Now that those pesky details are out of the way, I can go forward with more important things.  If you're reading this, then you've found your way to my blog.  I hope that you can find something you like in the posts and stick around.  New friends and readers are always welcome!


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